Saturday, April 4, 2009

Nu Skin Products Scam Review

Is Nu Skin Products A Scam? We don't sell this crap, but we know about it! Read this honest Nu Skin Products Scam Review and you will certainly agree that Nu Skin Products is a misleading scam.

First off, the whole tootin thing runs on the basis of multi-level pyramid marketing. That means that people scamming other people into signing up to sell Nu Skin Products is the main goal. If these things were worth their weight, they'd be on legitimate business shelves like in salons and such. Nu Skin Products are sold, instead, by the guy or gal who was scammed into forking over the entry fee to get started in the mlm business. Crap!

On that level, they will push and push you to use hundreds of dollars worth of Nu Skin Products for yourself whether you need them or not! Are you kidding? You are told that if you can't try hard enough to sell the stuff, then you need to buy more and more Nu Skin Products for your own use to attain certain levels up the chain. Buy buy buy your Nu Skin Products.
You know what that means? It means there is not a good revenue flow if they have to rely on their distributors to buy the Nu Skin Products over and over and over again. Can you smell the scam? I can.

Of course, this is only my opinion of Nu Skin Products. SO let's hear from others:
From homebased business reviews dot com:
This poor woman was pressured into spending her life savings by being insulted and told that she wasn't trying hard enough and they did this on a conference call in front of other people!

You see, there are many many people who are pressured by distributors of Nu Skin Products. When it comes down to it, all of this MLM stuff is nothing more than people taking advantage of people. Scam your friends and family into buying Nu Skin Products that are twice as expensive as comprable products in the stores that have better name recognition.
Nu Skin Products! Scam!